Tech Mogul Who Gifted His Lifes Work To Help Random Canadians

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For the majority of his life he preferred to remain anonymous  and do his part to help the community. The limelight was never a favoured place for Eldon Foote and therefore he is far from a household name in the country that benefited from the countless amount he has given. It wasn't until a recent court battle with his family that a lot of what he chose to spend on was released. The unwanted press however has done wonders for public opinion and the gratitude can be seen throughout the nation. To greatly understand the generosity of this man we must look at the reasons why he made it his lifes pursuit to help the community and seek no reward for doing so. Pure humility.

He spend most of his time post WW2 travelling around the globe indulging in different business ventures and seeking worldly experiences. He gave up quite a substantial law degree and position to visit places like Japan and Australia where he made is fortune, predominantly selling a detergent called swipe. It was travelling that made him miss home and decide to use his time, energy and wealth to give back to regular Canadians. 

He donated money with little expectation of recognition. He donated over 2 million to help renovate the Athletic field in Edmonton. He stated that he didn't want it to be called the Forbes field, but the managers decided the tribute needed to be stated and name it that anyway. But in addition to contributing to the field's construction, Foote, at the end of his life, donated $164 million to the Edmonton Community Foundation.  It was the largest donation ever to a community foundation in Canada, and was not revealed by the organisation.

Now many regular Canadians have opportunity in to continue and succeed in athletic as well as countless other educational fields as a result of his kindness. It is wonderful to see the elite giving back to the local people. It is this comradery that binds us together. Hopefully now that we have done our part to make this story known other wealthy people will decide to spread there luck.


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