Secrets To Keeping Childrens Clothes Clean

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Kids around the globe are a messy bunch. Whether they get dirty from playing outside, being creative with their art or even just eating some food, they sooner or later are going to get dirty. While it may be ok for their bodies to get some mood, food or paint on it, the same can't be said for their clothes. The last thing you want to happen is have them ruin a brand new jumper you just bought for them by staining it. There are some remedies you can use though to defend or even save some dirty clothes and they are listed below.


Here are some hidden secrets methods to save your children's clothes.


1. When playing with paint, crayons or markers the stains can often differ in your methods to clean them. With crayons you want to slightly heat the wax to melt it off and then follow by using light bleach to remove any discolouration.


2. Ink or pen stains can be treated by dabbing away at the marked area with some alcohol solution. 


3. Grass stains after playing outside can be removed by using laundry detergent and resting it on the marked area for 5 minutes before washing the clothes. This will allow it to be fully absorbed by the fabric and washed out.


4. Juice and acidic stains are removed by placing the clothes in cold water for a solid half an hour before using some vinegar to clean the remaining stain.


5. Finally mud is one of the most common stains on your children's clothes and depending on its density you can simply remove it by using a light brush to rid the heavy soil and follow up by using detergent in a prewash.


If they clothes are beyond saving, perhaps its best just to get some new ones. Below is a relatively cheap replacement for a jumper. Its fabric is stretchable so it can last a few years as your child grows.




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