Children Never Visited Elderly Mother, But She Is Able To Find Happiness Anyways

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Mothers are wonderful. They usually are the ones that hold it down for the family, and grandmothers have been doing it for even longer. True experience. It is vital that we take care of the ones that loves us, especially when grandmothers get to the point in their lives where they cannot look after themselves. Grandmothers are part of the family regardless of their age and it is sad to see what happens as they begin to age. The voice of the senior population is a quiet one because these vulnerable people end up shunned from society or seen as a weight to carry

A granny from the US had raised her fourteen children for over 4 decades until they all were independant, but when she aged she became too much of a burden for the people she spend a lifetime raising. This resulted in her being left to the care of nursing home as they said she was "losing her mind". Whether or not this was the case, she didn't have visits by any of her 14 children. She was left feeling lonely and cast out by the people she loved the most.

Thankfully for this fortunate granny she met a whole new family in her new home. It was a real retirement community. She made true friends and has had opportunities to try out some hobbies she never thought of before. Granny and a very special caretaker have formed a close bond and as a result she has decided to leave her inheritance to him rather her children. Safe to assume her children aren't happy but this "old gal" certainly is!


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